Media coverage

“We have sold off land… We gave a lot of money to the agents, and [we] got Adeel’s dead body in return.”

Mother of Adeel, a Pakistani worker who died in Saudi Arabia, featured in “Deadly Dream“, DAWN (Pakistan), 27 March 2022

We didn’t have health cards and thus could not go to the hospital when we fell sick. We simply took medicines that some of us had carried along from home, hoping we would get well.”

31-year-old Masum from Bangladesh, featured in “Left to fend for themselves“, Daily Star (Bangladesh), 15 September 2022

“From our side we are doing our best to prevent migrant worker deaths. It, however, is a fact that deaths are not decreasing in significant numbers.”

Nepali government spokesperson, quoted in “Nepalis are dying in the Gulf. Not enough done to prevent loss of life“, Kathmandu Post (Nepal), 19 March 2022

“The ground was so hot I couldn’t touch it with bare feet. It would burn my skin. You can’t imagine how hot it was.”

Ganesh, who worked as a lifeguard in the UAE and was subsequently diagnosed with kidney disease, quoted in Gulf states ‘exposing migrant workers to fatal temperatures’, Middle East Eye, 27 June 2023

“We work in very high temperatures, this is the nature of our work. And yes, we suffer from severe heat.” 

Indian construction worker, Dubai, quoted in Summer means suffering: how workers survive intense Gulf heat, AFP (France), 26 June 2022